NexGen's DJ Basin projects and operations are focused on highly-prospective concepts and trends involving oil plays. Our high level of knowledge and expertise in the basin allows us to maximize opportunities and execute effective strategies to target specific oil objectives and participate in the best emerging plays.

Key Stats
Acreage (2020 net): 140,000
Production: undisclosed


NexGen's operational strategy is based upon techniques that have been utilized for decades updated with cutting edge technology improving the efficiencies of both horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Recent technological advances employed in the strategy and implementation of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have paved the way to exponential increases in oil and gas production domestically.


Horizontal drilling is a technique that allows engineers to drill vertically to a particular depth then steer the equipment in a horizontal direction to targeted reservoirs. Once a well is developed horizontally, its subsurface reach is much greater than the vertical well. This allows oil and gas to be accessed in much greater quantities with less expenditures and less surface impact than traditional vertical drilling.


Hydraulic fracturing is a process of pumping water and sand under high pressure to open up tiny fissures in resource-rich rock formations. Once these fissures are propped open with sand, oil and natural gas are produced up the well to the surface and sold to third parties. Hydraulic fracturing has expanded the potential production of oil and gas beyond historical opportunities.


A strategic plan including the use of both horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing allows NexGen to provide excellent economic benefit for its stakeholders while minimizing environmental impact and community disruption.